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Life can cause strain  By engaging an agreement consultants are often available to clients on an as-needed basis throughout the entire engagement period. This allows for greater responsiveness and faster turnaround times. While the stability of a reserved model is attractive in itself, the pricing structure has its drawbacks. One of the main pitfalls of charging a retaining fee has to do with being approachable. A one-off consulting engagement fee can be stressful for potential clients, especially if they’ve never worked with you before. The very idea of ​​paying a non-refundable deposit in exchange for mediocre consulting service can undermine your potential to consistently acquire new clients.

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A natural fear of paying huge upfront payments also leads to USA Mobile Database another of the most common pitfalls for consulting hires: discounts. It can be difficult to ask a prospect to feel confident enough in your service to pay in full before starting to work with them. This is why many consultants who charge a retainer fee offer their services at a discount. Ideally the deal amounts to a mutually beneficial arrangement where the client gets a cheap consultant and a steady stream of income. Your experience, respect, and familiarity with customers will often determine the extent to which these shortcomings affect your business.

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Societal costs associated with longevity

These qualities will also generally guide the type of consultants Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List you offer. Now that you understand the different pricing models and risks of retention fees let’s take a look at how to set an appropriate fee. How to Set Your Retention Fee Retention fees are usually based on the rates you’re charged under other payment models. For example, if you charge USD hourly for service and typically work hours per week for clients then you may charge USD monthly upfront. For a pay-for-access model you need to focus on the ROI you provide to your customers and set your prices accordingly.

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