The brutal truth is no

The brutal truth  By ignoring what’s already on your site you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get more traffic.  Content performs well forever. Google updates their algorithm as the intent behind keywords changes and the information becomes outdat quickly. So your content decays over time after an initial growth period. As your traffic stabilizes and declines you may see this content as a failure . But you can do a lot to restore this flow or better yet trigger a new phase of growth. Updating old content is like buying from a second-hand store. You go in and look around to see what old items have potential and bring them back to life. 

In this guide you’ll learn

What content decay is, how to identify decaying pages, and strategies for improving them. We’ll also cover how to build a protective moat around your content so you can prevent major traffic losses in the future. This way your content strategy will be both reactive and future-proof. What is Content Decay El-Salvador Mobile Database Content decay is when the performance of content begins to degrade. It can refer to a loss in organic traffic rankings or conversion rates. Usually this happens after an initial period of growth when growth levels off and then starts to decline over time. This decline may be sudden or gradual and may occur for a complex series of reasons. 

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It is important to understand

What caus the change before making any changes. This means you’ll be able to develop a more inform plan of action. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Are my competitors publishing new content? Competitors publishing better content than you are a common reason why recessions happen. Google your target keywords to see who ranks higher than you. How are they different? Is their content more comprehensive or Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List original? Do they cover other topics that you don’t know about? Is my content fresh enough? Google rewards pages that reflect the current consensus of experts in your field. If you publish a blog post providing mical advice years ago, the treatment of the disease may have chang.


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