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Each social network you’re using, you’ll be able to keep a repository of content ideas so you’re never struck by writer’s block, and always have something to post. She said if they couldn’t do that it could be a sure sign they weren’t ready and it might be time to part ways. Conduct pre-research. Pre-research is the opposite of qualification tactics like cold calling. It’s not about reaching out to a prospect you’ve never approached and knows nothing about, it’s about discovering all the possible information you can get about a particular prospect before you get in touch.

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Say: Do your pre-research by asking yourself questions like: Namibia Mobile Database Does the company fit the mold of our target audience? If yes I can call with confidence and know the conversation will be more about how I can help their business than the education phase. Doing this allows you to continue the conversation with your customers rather than start from scratch by selling them what you already know about their business and how you can serve them. You can make a convincing case to the prospect you call, email, or visit at their workplace.

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You already know you can offer them something of value and more Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List specifically you won’t be blind selling. Networking is a common strategy for acting on information gathered during pre-study. This is a form of sales canvassing that typically occurs at events where salespeople attend because they know the prospect will be there. If you have a guest list available, getting this information ahead of time can help you prepare for potential client interactions. Use social media. All teams within an organization, from customer service to sales, are likely to use social media. Working with your marketing team like the tips above can help you use social media as a means to find leads. One of the strategies worth considering is social listening.

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