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Below is a list of the data we recommend pulling into the sheet and some of the tools you can use if your site has less than 100,000 free spider tools that you can use to do a full crawl of your site. From here you can gather URL list meta data or use formulas such as pulling meta titles and descriptions into tables and title structures Content with repeat word counts Google Analytics’ own tools are the best place to find data. From it you can export the following data with your organic traffic including organic user or session bounce rate or engagement time. Using this metric you can identify pages where users bounce almost immiately or where they spend a lot of time.

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Though; if someone finds what they’re looking for quickly they’ll probably leave a page too.and or goal. To prune your content you ne to collect data that aligns with your business model and broader goals. For example, you might decide to merge two pages into one to improve visibility in hopes of creating Bulgaria Mobile Database a larger, more effective, and more valuable page. Content pruning involves regularly reviewing any content that may be out of date to ensure your site provides up-to-date, factually accurate recommendations. Creating a dashboard that includes all the necessary metrics you plan to analyze can be tious and take some time. Content pruning presents the opportunity to spot instances of cannibalization and develop an action plan to resolve it. 

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Site might wish to track how many users went on to make a purchase after consuming the content of a particular page, while other sites might keep an eye on how many users went on to make a query or perform other specific actions on that page location. Google Search Console can be us to see which pages are indexable and to export a list of all internal and external links across the site. Rank Tracking Tools for Purpose It’s also important Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List to get a more complete picture of how your pages are ranking before you come up with a plan of action. For this we recommend using or other similar tool where you can export the list and its top ranking keywords.


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