Parents often scold their children for being dissatisfied

It is the first few years of a child’s life, when that first contact with the outside world creates something that helps us deal with what we call setbacks later in life. Frustration and Aggression Under normal circumstances, it is the motivation required to frustrate a target. But if time passes and the goal remains out of reach, frustration can lead to negative states: exhaustion, depression, increased aggression. According to Vladimir Shlyapnikov, in this case a person will take his.

Aggression directed at those who are not frustrated

But only in the armpits with their lives. When these children need to Ghana Mobile Database solve a problem, they use the same pattern of non-constructive behavior. Experts point out that they start offending weaker classmates or being rude to animals. According to him, sometimes frustration can lead a person to attack himself. In the state of ego  attack, he risked his life, disregarding his health and consequences, his behavior became self destructive. This sometimes leads to the alcohol and drug addiction we mentioned.

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Depression can have a positive impact

Psychologists point out that feelings of dissatisfaction Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List encourage us to move on, do something, and create. It can be a powerful source of not only personal development but also social development. Experts interviewed by Trend believe that humanity is making progress thanks, among other things, to inventing new ways to solve problems that are currently unsolvable. Thus, the unavoidable state of frustration in constructive behavior does not interfere with or even contribute to career building. For example, a person strives hard. 

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