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The so that you can pay yourself a good salary and invest in future growth. I could for example add a markup or per shirt which would lead to a price of . because of the rules of pricing psychology but you get the idea. You can experiment with different markups and keep in mind that they vary widelyhere are a few examples. . CustomerBased Pricing As we saw in the last section costbased pricing is a simple and easy to understand pricing strategy. But it also has a serious flaw it doesnt take any account of demand. What if customers wont buy your products or services at the price youve set.

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Demand for your products that theyd actually South Africa Telegram Number Data be prepared to pay a lot more than your costbased price Because of these limitations many businesses prefer to set their prices based not on the cost of production but on the perceived value to the customer. But how do you define that value Lets look at an example. In this case Im running a web design studio. My business produces ecommerce websites that are so well designed and intuitive for customers to use that our previous clients have reported a doubling in sales

After implementing our new site design

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Based on this I decide to charge for Italy Email List our services. This may sound like a high price but it will provide very clear value to any company with a decent amount of online sales. A company that currently makes a year for example can expect that figure to double to meaning that the new website will pay for itself in six months. For a larger company it will be an even better deal. Notice that I havent even mentioned my businesss costs in this example. Its irrelevant whether the actual cost of providing the website.

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