These other benefits or results

The end up being your case studys title. For example this case study from Design by Structure a Londonbased design firm is introduced with the highimpact header Revenue. Doubled. Then it gives specific achievements below. case study example Judging from this header and the content the case study is all about how the right web design can lead to more sales rather than other benefits such as a more memorable brand or a fasterloading website.  may have occurred but theyre not.

The focus of the case study

While its possible to highlight two or Brazil Telegram Number Data even three different angles in your case study focusing on too many elements or results might lead to a confusing message. When in doubt stick to the most important angle of the story and build your case study around it. Use a Strong Voice Whether you use a formal or casual tone in your case study depends on your industry and your branding. The important thing is to ensure that whichever tone you use your writing voice has to be strong. This means the following Get directly to the point.

As Strunk and Whites Elements of Style put it

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Omit needless words. Be as direct as possible by using as few words as you can to get a point across. Dont unnecessarily repeat ideas Canada Telegram Number by rephrasing the same point over and over throughout your case study. Be assertive. Dont be afraid to take credit for your opinions ideas and accomplishments. Rather than using phrases like The client was able to increase their website traffic use something like I helped the client increase their website traffic. Be clear about the active role youve played in the process and the results. Keep it Engaging Most importantly focus on the story youre trying to tell with your case study. Stories typically have an interesting beginning an expository middle and a satisfying conclusion. When it comes.

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