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The now. However without the proper groundwork your case study might end up being boring or worse might end up repelling potential clients rather than attracting them. Here are the recommended steps that can help you start your first case study on the right path Step . Find the Right Client or Project to Profile The first thing you should do is to find the best candidates you can profile for your first case study. While its easier to just pick your latest client and project there are other things to consider especially given the amount of work that goes into

Writing and designing your case study

Think about the following Which Types Australia Telegram Number Data of Projects Which Types of Clients Do You Want to Work With Ideally your case studies will bring you more of the projects you want to do and attract more of the clients you want to work with. For example if youre a designer who mostly works with small businesses and wants to start working more with tech startups it makes sense to profile your more techinclined clients and projects.

Or if you provide several services such

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As website design print design and UX designand want to start specializing in a single service its best to pick projects that are centered on Australia Telegram Number the service you want to specialize in. Are There Numbers or Statistics That You Can Present as Proof That Your Project Was Successful Case studies work best when theres hard evidence of the value you provide. That evidence usually comes in the form of numbers. If youre a web designer you can track the number of clicks on Buy Now buttons on the sites you designed. Content writers can track the traffic and social shares that their articles get. Developers can track specific metrics that are important to the client such as how fast an app runs and how many.

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