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The users download or use the app monthly. If reliability is important in your field you can also track the number of hours or days it took for you to deliver the project. To find out the numbers that will work best for your case study consider the main goals of the project. What did the client want to achieve How were they measuring it This can help you figure out which stats to gather for your case study. What Was Your Working Relationship Like Was the Client Satisfi While you might not be allow to disclose confidential business details your most satisfi clients will be more willing candidates

For your case studies

Youve gotten positive feback or Belgium Telegram Number Data achiev impressive results on a finish project when theyd be more likely to accommodate a case study as a celebration of success. It also helps to involve them in the process by asking for quotes you can use especially when it comes to using their own words to express how satisfi they are with your work. Having direct quotes from clients can add a more natural personable feel to your case study so that you avoid focusing just on the dry technicalities.

This is important because no matter

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How technical your products and services are a lot of emotion goes into a clients buying decisions. Advertisement Step . Tell a Brazil Telegram Number Compelling Story Now that you have all the information you ne to get start with your case study see how you can turn all that information into an engaging story that will attract the attention of potential clients and hold their interest. Pick an Angle Your first job is to find the angle. Usually this is the specific result youve achiev for your client which youll be elaborating on throughout the case study. Because of the importance of your angle its no surprise that it might.

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