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The warm gradients. Download this company branding package today. Learn how to create a transparent gradient for your brand identity kit How to  in Photoshop Andrei Marius Mar . Bold Typography Typography is getting bolder both in font weights and the way logos are presented. Logos are getting more kinetic and fuller of unique shapes and unexpected characters. Choose typography that suits your brand identity package template. This article will teach you how to effectively use typography in your brand identity packages What Is Typography Melody Nieves Aug . Minimalism Is Still Strong Minimalistic designs are still very popular.

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And clean design aesthetic. Minimalistic and clean branding collateral can prove to be timeless. Consider if minimalism would Israel Telegram Number Data suit your brand identity pack. Minimalistic brand identity package example Minimalistic brand identity package example. Download this brand package template today. . Metallic Materials Metallic materials and textures are another trend to keep in mind for . But avoid using ornate metallics in your designs. Focus on monochrome minimalistic use of metallics in your branding. This can keep things modern and interesting. . Natural and Earthy Branding Natural and earthy branding can prove to be quite trendy.

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Organic colors organic shapes can be a great touch. Check out this aesthetic in this brand identity kit. Natural brand identity package example South Africa Telegram Number Natural branding identity pack example. Download this complete branding package today. Natural and earthy designs are trending this year. Theyre usually associated with ecofriendly brands. Even brands that arent in organic industries enjoy naturallooking brand design. Where To Find The Best Brand Identity Packages In Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have amazing and modern brand identity packages. These business branding packages got all the elements you need to create a cohesive brand identity. They lead the pack.

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