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A growing number of businesses are connecting their first party. Customer data to ad platforms like Meta using a technique called event forwarding. Scalable event forwarding Event forwarding is a server side solution that enables the near real time transfer of event data to any destination. It lets you securely share first party data describing customer. Behavior with third parties, so ads and other content can be tailored more specifically to each customer’s interests and stage of the buyer’s journey.

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hile staying compliant with privacy rules. “For example, let’s say a customer visits your website and gives consent for you to capture their on site Germany Mobile Database behavior so you can provide a more personalized experience,” Jordan says. “With event forwarding, you can send data about their behavior during that browsing session to your ad platform. Which can then use it to choose the most relevant ads to display.” Marketers love this idea, but IT organizations, which are responsible for making it work, can be hesitant.

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They worry about having to build and scale custom connectors, maintain the security of data flows, and more. Event forwarding with Meta’s Conversions API “The good news is that you can quickly and securely connect. Your marketing data to the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List largest ad platforms with prebuilt APIs,” Jordan says. “A great example of this is Meta’s Conversions API.” The Conversions API is a Meta business tool that creates a direct connection between your marketing data and the Meta technologies that optimize ad performance.

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