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Many times, rigid thinking is not a disease but a personality trait. In clinical psychology and psychiatry, it can be a symptom of an illness. To treat such cases, the patient nes to be examin and referr to a specialist. , clinical psychologist, graduate student of Sechenov University, staff of the first psychiatric clinical hospital nam after: the child feels uncertain and it is difficult to think of other ways to solve the problem. I often meet patients who have experienc parental aggression in childhood, theirs.

Mental rigidity my work i use cognition

Different perspectives to be ask   . In cognitive-behavioral El-Salvador Mobile Database therapy, Socratic dialogue is us to critically explore the meaning and impact of rigid thinking. Socratic dialogue is a method in psychotherapy in which the psychologist poses questions to the client: the client answers bas on his own knowlge; draws the client’s attention to information that has not previously been brought to his attention; moves from the particular to the general so that the final client One can reassess his past conclusions or construct a new one.

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Rigidity of thought produces intellectual

Negatively affect the development of obsessive-compulsive Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List disorder and schizophrenia, and make the personality more authoritarian, especially in stressful situations. At the same time, even daily mental rigidity can have a negative impact on development: it limits freom of thought and action. : Family rigidity can be check in a number of ways, for example, if you: Always follow the establish rules; unwilling or unable to admit your mistakes; too stubborn; willing to take risks; often obsess with ideas.

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