It is the embodiment of clairvoyance ability

She had a feeling of déjà vu when she visited the pyramid. Confirm the existence of parallel worlds. Proponents of the theory believe that this phenomenon occurs because a person experiences the same event simultaneously in two parallel universes. In this moment, worlds intersect, and there is an uneasy sense of identity. is a glitch in the matrix. The Theory’s Empire of the Dead, in which humans live in a simulated world controlled by artificially intelligent machines. Some parapsychologists think so too.

The generation of this sense of familiarity

Because a person has already seen a similar situation in a dream Estonia Mobile Database and thus knows his future. How does science explain the phenomenon of deja vu Modern research on the phenomenon of deja vu is divided into research and experimental research. In their observations, they identified the characteristics of the déjà vu experience (who had it, how often and when it happened), and looked for patterns in the results. In experiments, scientists try to induce déjà vu experiences in people. We have identified several epidemics based on scientific research.

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Theoretical Memory Phenomenon at the University

A cognitive psychologist at the University of Science and his colleagues tried to use the Sims game to create a déjà vu effect through virtual reality. First, participants watched a video of the hero walking in the backyard of the house, and they observed Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List what was happening through the hero’s eyes. Then another video moves in a very similar way to the previous one. Also ask if they know the area and if they know where the hero is going next. Some participants had a sense of déjà vu but didn’t.

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