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For example if you have a store operat in a certain are about open hours for delivery and other purchas conditions. Plus How to Promote Any Budget Bounce Rate Bounce rate can also tell you how relevant your content is. For example if your website has affiliate links a user may click on one and open a new browser window. The bounce rate will be high but that’s not a bad th since purchas through affiliate links is already on your business goals list.

You look at the Acquisition Overview

If you offer a service and have a high bounce rate then there’s a good chance people won’t find the information they ne and leave. Your bounce rate will depend on the goals you set in your analysis and the type of business you have. If section France Phone Number List you will see the bounce rate. Engagement metrics are provid. Where to Look at Bounce Rates on a Website Bounces mark users who visit multiple pages to complete an Engagement rate in replaces bounce rate to give you insight into how many users interact with your content and for how long. Engagement Score For more information on the topic How many breakdowns should there be on a site and how to correctly calculate them New and Return Visitors To learn about New and Return.

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Behavior and New and Return

Visitors go to the Audience tab and select Visitors. New users and return users Ideally these two metrics should grow in parallel. But if the number of return visitors is declin that’s a bad sign. Users may be unable to return to the website due to various reasons, inconvenience or slowness, problems when order goods and services, inappropriate content. The German Phone Number percentage of return users vs. new users may vary by business area but a normal average is. How to use data to improve your metrics To evaluate data and improve traffic quality you ne to dynamically track engagement conversion rates and relevance metrics. However only numbers are given.

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