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User Retention Chart User Retention Report This , browser or page path. User Retention in Add Comparison with User Retention Report the most active areas, identify the most loyal users or identify the advertis campaigns that interest them the most. Total User Value Report This report shows how much money a user earn dur their interaction with the site. This tool allows you to select a group of users by region, ad, gender, browser and other parameters and analyze how long they interact with the site and how much money they brought in.

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Additionally bas on data on complet purchases you can prict the likelihood of future purchases and the revenue you will earn from them. User Value in the Total User Value report can also compare different user groups. For example initially select traffic from one zone but segment it by device type. To view the report click Research in the left menu Australia Phone Number List and select Total User Value from the template gallery. Overlay Segments This report shows the intersection of various attributes between user segments. It will help identify similar behavioral patterns among audiences segment by one criterion such as age category or by different criteria device region age etc.

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This report helps identify similar behaviors between¬† target or create content in the future. For example, you can find the intersection between newsletter subscribers and blog readers or the intersection between users who us a trial before¬† over time. To create this report go to the Research section and select Segment Overlay from the template gallery. For Cambodia Phone Number more information on the official blog, Google talk about some of the features of the new version. What’s New Data from your website and apps are collect together to better understand user behavior and journeys but for everyone even if you don’t have an app. These reports are not session-bas but event-bas. This allows you to analyze in greater detail how interactions with your site or application occur. An event is any action includ page views.

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