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Next we’ll take a closer look at how to get to the answer block. Two from the top into quick answers is to use the same keywords from the page that is already in the answer box. Example of Robbie Richards Detail material with link building tools at the top of the query Link building tools and a snippet containing the answer Includes a snippet of a search engine journal article which briefly lists the tools A rich snippet with links contains the answer and uses.

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The Tool Links to Article answer box contains a search engine journal article rather than a more detail article written by the author.  is not for the full text but for the news site’s material. Most likely it’s a formatting issue. View subtitles Saudi Arabia Phone Number List on search engine log pages includ in answer blocks Structur articles Articles from blocks and answers Tags are often us when building lists The same thing is happening here.

Phone Number List

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The article author’s post is more detail and in-depth but has a different format.  is an in-depth article that contains tools that are not includ Switzerland Phone Number in the block. It takes the title of a list item and this article does not provide a title that would help answer the user’s query. Tool lists formatt as paragraphs may look for number lists or bullet lists.  is arrang in list order, the article lists the material with a list. What can an article author do to ensure that his material is includ in the answer block? The most obvious option is to include a new section in the article that contains recommend tools. A number or bullet list. Something like this tool list example in the article will make it easier for Google to understand the best tools list in the material.

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