Registration takes less

How the website of the company of the same name uses up with an account. The app is available in and It has a Russian interface but to log in from Russia you ne. than a minute. When creating an account the application will ask to copy  in your profile except your name which cannot be chang. The password will also remain the same. You can write something different or nothing at all in the description. User Information in Threads The account can be private or public. You can change your privacy settings after registering.

Follow the same people

You can instantly  as in your main account or search for people by name. If you change your mind about using it, you will not be able to delete your account individually. At most, you can deactivate your profile so that other users no longer see your posts and comments. You can only permanently delete two accounts at the same time. What You Can Argentina Phone Number List Post The app has only one posting format post. When you create a post in a topic and post it, you immiately choose who is allow to reply. Everyone is address to those you follow only by mentioning users. If the account is private you will choose between your followers users you follow and users you mention.

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The maximum post length

The post won’t appear in other people’s fes. is characters. You can add up to multiple images or up to minutes of video to your text. Add image to post or link Add post link Thread content and algorithm It’s not entirely clear exactly how tape works Uk Phone Number but there are some observations and we’re sharing them. Algorithm for forming tapes In fact in the Russian version tapes consist of wires or branches and no other parts. Memes from the Internet It’s not divid into friends’ posts and recommend content everything is in one place It’s the most inconvenient moment.

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