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For example it can display job listings for a specific location or concert announcements from different sources. Requesting an aggregat list of events for Antalya concerts Rich results are generat by structur data on the page read by search robots.  of websites have different structur data characteristics. More than thirty of these types include so-call extend fragments in Russian. In the official documentation this is the closest it comes to showing price comments and other useful information in the page.

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In English such fragments are call rich fragments.  in Help Don’t confuse rich snippets with other blocks like books, recipes, tickets, etc. Searches collect information from different websites. Include extend snippets and blocks of recipes with highlight descriptions in search results Another option for search results is highlight English descriptions Sweden Phone Number List or featur snippets. It is also call quick answer block. Featur Snippet This is a block that contains more text than a regular snippet. This could be a list of paragraphs from an article or a table image or video. Description of highlighting in search results Previously this block was call position zero because it was position above the rest of the search results and highlight with a frame.

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The highlight description

The website may appear on the first page of search results in two places, both in the main results and in the block. Now you can enter special sections or main search results.  is no longer position zero but essentially position one.  snippets instead of UAE Phone Number enrich results because they come in many forms. Extend snippets are snippets that havesearch location.  High-level snippets or rich snippets are improv search results that contain more information than regular blue links and look more attractive to users. It displays additional website content that search bots obtain from the structur data of the page.

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