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Help notes will work in most cases but it’s best to refer to the documentation in the Help Center. Certain attributes and elements are not requir but may be useful to other search engine serving tools and platforms. Selecting the snippet type as we wrote above supports over thirty types of rich results. For the snippets discuss in this article, product recipes and reviews are appropriate. Each of them is suitable for multiple types of content. Choose what you ne from the manual.

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Different Types of Rich Mia Search Results in Help We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Search Visual Elements Library to understand what can be display in search results. If there are multiple types of content on the page you can tag them differently.  recipe with a step list which is also in video format and photo gallery. If you Afghanistan Phone Number List add different types of micro tags all three types of content will be display with rich results for different queries step by step sugar cookie recipes sugar cookie recipes videos etc. Research the Requirements for Your and recommendations. For example the Recipe.

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Types page states that if your website contains more than just instructions for preparing food and drinks then you should use structur data of type instead of recipes.  shows how the code snippet will appear in search results. Instructions Snippet for Vietnam Phone Number Recipe it to your site To create the code you can use the instructions from the above guide which contains the most detail descriptions and suggestions. There’s also a practical tutorial that describes step-by-step how to add micromarkers to a page. It’s in English but you can use your browser’s built-in translator. We recommend reading. Translation Practice Works Snippets There is also a service for generating micro-markup code, the Structur Data Markup Wizard, which is very easy to use. You can choose microdata or format.

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