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The page must meet several requirements. Rich snippets are not display for all queries because not all types of pages can have microtags capable of generating such snippets. The accuracy of the user’s device location and device type information is also taken into account when generating search results. And the page content should be accurately describ and the site code should not be overwritten by keywords. requirements that must be met Ask for content quality.

Micromarkers are responsible

Pages on sites that may be consider spam will not receive rich snippets. Even if a page doesn’t pretend to be spammy, the level of optimization can have a big impact on the ability to get a nice snippet in the search results. Micromarkers¬† for the elements that form the extend fragment. It is only visible to search bots and does he Turkey Phone Number List appearance of the page for users. With its help the robot can understand what information is available, where it is locat and how it can be us. Micromarking schemes depend on page type and site scope. For example, what content can be highlight on the pages of an online store, pictures, addresses, opening hours, product ratings, reviews, quantity, product availability, sizes, colors and other features of the product.

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The most popular standards

When you emb microtags into website pages you are actually using the schema of the markup code format. Schema that USA Phone Number tells search engines about the elements on a page. A format is a markup code that passes the schema to search engines.  types of markup code formats: microdata and. Recommend.  are and. But this micro-tag is us to create site previews on social networks so we will not discuss it here.

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