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Enter the page address and select the content type Article Comments FAQ or Other. Select the elements you want on the page. Get the code and paste it into the page. Structur Data Markup Wizard Schema Markup Generator This service supports. Here the value of the micromark tag must be enter independently according to the page type. So you will also receive the code that you ne to add to the page. Schema Tag Generator Schema There are few tag types in this service but there are the most basic ones.

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Product Business People Site Events Site. To receive the code you ne to select the requir type and fill in the fields. Schema Generator for You can not only place the code manually but also use the tag manager to place the code. If you have a website on readymade there are special plugins. It is important that you place the micromark not only on the canonical Albania Phone Number List page but also in all places where its content is repeat. The code generat by the check results can be check in the validator.  is eligible to appear in rich results, use this tool. Enter the page address and wait for verification to complete. You can choose to display it on desktop or mobile devices.

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Rich Results Inspection Tool After adding microdata you ne to request re-indexing. Why Rich Snippets Not Appearing Even if you do everything correctly the page may not receive featur snippets. There are several reasons why no one agre. results Africa Phone Number tool doesn’t detect an error Google doesn’t guarantee that your content will appear in search results. There are many Grammatical errors. It’s easy to make mistakes so it’s better to use a special service and check the code with a validator. Conflict between formats. All micromarks must be in the same format.

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