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How Answer Blocks Impact Conversion and Click-through Rates study analyz tens of thousands of answer boxes to find that all the clicks came from them. Since the answer blocks occupy the top position they attract some users’ attention. Statistics Center clicks count rich snippets as a share of all search results. Rich summary statistics display data with blocks of answers This was a study in 1999 that is still widely cit today. Since then the search results and their algorithms have chang and even more sites have start to feature in quick answers as the overall level of content has become noticeably higher. A study conduct in 2010 examin the behavior of 100 users.

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Click on the highlight description when viewing search results.  of clicks on the select description by users who click on the highlight description we also discover what the regular blue link snippet was getting on top of all the clicks. of respondents Poland Phone Number List avoid highlight answers because they believe it is advertising. Of those survey who click on quick reply links, they did so because of the informative text. Why You  Reply Block Research shows that quick replies get fewer clicks than other links.

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Usually the user will receive all the information from them without clicking on the link. Even if quick answer blocks ruin your click-through rates your site will still be better than your competitors’ sites. It’s also worth trying to get users to want to go to the website for more information. According to a study by , it is estimat that there will be 100 million Spain Phone Number different voice assistants in use by 2020, which is more than the current number of people on the planet.  and concise responses so highlight descriptions come in handy. Optimizers assume that if the site is initially well optimiz then entering the answer block is fairly quick and easy. Blocks taken from the top ten search results on one page can produce thousands of different answer blocks.

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