By using Facebook Messenger

The of Facebook Ads run across other Facebook platforms except for the fact that they have a much higher acceptance rate than conventional Facebook Display Ads. Frictionless experiences With Facebook Messenger for business you can map out the entire customer journey and ruce friction in the buyer experience. Want to generate leads Theres no ne to say farewell after chatting with a visitor. Simply add a signup form to your Facebook Messenger and enjoy instant lead capture. Want to drive conversions Enable Facebook Pay to allow customers to pay within Messenger and create a seamless buying experience.

With Messengers handover protocol

You can move your prospects through the sales funnel and keep up with existing customers in one place. Increas sales of customers say they are Benin WhatsApp Number List more likely to buy from a business they can message directly. Simply put using Facebook Messenger for business means more sales. Customers use Messenger to ask brands to help them choose the right products address their concerns and guide them through the transaction process. With of survey USbas audiences messaging businesses to make purchases Messenger is a musthave channel for companies looking to increase conversions. Better customer service of users expect to use messenger apps more for communicating with businesses.

Facebook Messenger allows you to

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Tmplement conversational marketing and build strong customer relationships. Whats more your customer conversations stay in Messenger enabling easy chat handover and reengagement. This means customers dont ne to reexplain their Iran Phone Number problems to different agents as often happens. Agents can understand the context behind every conversation by simply scrolling through the chat history. Combining Messenger automation and live agent support allows you to increase contact resolution rates and ruce response times.  You can seamlessly transfer automat conversations to live agents and ensure your customers have their complex queries resolv. Increas consumer confidence Over of respondents agree they feel more confident about brands.

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