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The they can message directly. And of people survey say they feel more personally connect to a brand when they can reach it via an instant messaging app or live chat. With Messenger you can address customers concerns build trust and increase loyalty without any extra effort all you ne to do is set up the channel. Less manual work Facebook bots not only create. A better experience for customers but also take the burden off your teams. Customer service reps can focus on more urgent tasks while bots take care of frequently ask questions FAQs. Relat Chatbot vs Live Chat Whats the Difference Examples of companies using Facebook Messenger.

Messenger has a variety of

Use cases from mass marketing campaigns to customer feback collection.  of companies using Facebook Business Messenger for marketing Belize WhatsApp Number List sales and customer support. Driving brand awareness LG Electronics LG Electronics ran an engaging campaign on Messenger encouraging people to share their laundry failures. The campaign boost purchase intent by .X and lift brand recall by .. Facebook Messenger for Business example LG To catch Facebook users attention LG promot a teaser video highlighting the funniest laundry fails. The clicktoMessenger ad reach to yearold audiences interest in home appliances.

After clicking on the ad

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Users were taken to the Messenger window where. They could interact with an automat Laundry Consultant using a preinstall augment reality AR camera. The consultant ask customers about their specific laundry pain points and Italy Phone Number gave advice for preventing laundry failure. At the end of the conversation users got links to product promotions. Generating leads Jasper Highlands In collaboration with Newscome Interactive LLC the land development advertiser Jasper Highlands launch a lead generation campaign on Messenger. As a result the company saw a increase in. Leads and a improvement in lead quality. Facebook Messenger for Business example Jasper Highlands Trying to engage audiences that.

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