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By using , we indicate which element of the phrase (we can mark the individual words in the key phrase) must be part of a given query provid to the ad in order for the ad to be display. The ad will not be visible afterwards. The above matches are available anytime during the event. Typically, within an ad group, all matches are appli and further changes are made after analyzing performance. It all depends on the strategy mention above, the specifics of the industry, etc. . Therefore, using matches other than exact matches can lead to situations where an ad might be viewable after a very single query.

Here’s a short list of the funniest

Phrases from the last time the account was us: The deepest sea in Poland (matching phrase for the Polish sea) Maybe the deepest sea in Poland (The Polish sea) Bobby Sapń (phrase) Torun sex bomb (Torun Hotel) How storks encourage animals to clean ponds and forests (Activity Phrase: Clean Sopot) My Denmark B2B List big toe is crush by high-heel sandals, what should I do (High-heel sandals) Activities for children in Gdansk (Sopot Club) Letters to friends in rehab (Addiction Center) Mosquito spray for rabbits (Exterminate Mosquito Spray) Solid Wood Kids Bs for Princesses (Kids Bs) Great Poland Kids Attractions (Grand Poland Fences) I want to go on vacation to the Maldives.

B2B Email List

My old man can’t afford it Maldives

Vacations Dating Site for Singles and More (Nice) Exclusive hotel in Karpacz for PLN (Karpacz Hotel) Let me briefly summarize, the role of experts is to follow real entries in search engines, catch such (and many other not so impressive surprising) phrases and block them by permanently excluding them from the campaign. , Maps, and More Convenience Explore the world from your couch Until recently, the Google Maps option was Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List only available to owners of stationary devices.



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