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From now on, users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) will be able to find points of interest on the map easily and quickly. But the development of maps doesn’t end there, as the company also hopes to bring them to Android and Android. The new Google Maps will thus be the first dicat app for tablets and smartphones. new features and removing unnecessary ones. The new version will remove the service, which allows you to find friends and check-in features online. Those who still want to be notifi when family or friends appear on the map will be able to continue using those features through the app. The company also pull out of the My Maps app and modifi the possibility to view maps in offline mode.

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That saves the area currently appearing on the screen. Source: What will the new map bring us? The first is the explore function, which allows us to browse objects without typing. Clear categories allow you to quickly find restaurants, hotels or shops. New maps also mean new, enhanc navigation.Thanks Malta B2B List to it, owners of smartphones and tablets will receive information about alternative routes that will help them get to their destination faster. A transparent five-star rating system, which takes into account facilities recommend by friends, will help you choose the best way to spend your free time.

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The project is design for tablets

So it adapts perfectly to the large screen of the tablet. So their owners can explore more of the world from the comfort of their own home. The power of curating stream know-how, and how many opportunities it gives you to express approval through likes. superior The button modification seems to be a compromise between your own ideas and the options available on it. , which us to be unimportant from the perspective of the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List information display in the stream, now allows you to filter posts about other users’ likes.


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