Its main features are simplicity

Today, for all those who for various reasons are interest in solutions with the largest search engine in this virtual world, we have prepar a short description of applications and plugins for its users. Don’t go without a browser! We already inform about the creation of the browser in January. Of design, increas usability for people using the Cyrillic alphabet, and a focus on security. However, not everyone wants to switch to a brand new web browser, and it is with these people in mind that extensions for the most popular web browsers were creat.

Elements as the name suggests

Quick access to the most popular services, such as music, weather, traffic jams, mail, translation or social networks (and not only, but perhaps most importantly in Russian). Everything is present in the form of friendly, minimally intrusive icons on the toolbar. It is also possible to install only a subset of visual bookmarks, which are available in the standard version of the browser, but the extension offers you even more Estonia B2B List possibilities to personalize them. Above all Convenience is a great program whose main task is to detect the keyboard layout and switch between Russian languages ​​automatically.

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The principle of operation

Is very simple: know a certain string of letters, for example, means (привет) in Russian, and change the keyboard automatically. Of course, changes can be made not only automatically, but also with any specifi key. Anyone who has to switch between different keyboard layouts at least once will appreciate this solution, but English is support in the current version, so Polish is slightly limit in what can be us. Your files are always at your fingertips, nothing more than our own storage space in the cloud. It is important that we can access our files from a Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List computer, smartphone or other mobile device.


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