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Often they already contain questions that can be answer in order to get to the highlight description. Proper Title Placement Try to include a target query in the or title. The title may end up appearing right above the snippet content in the featur description.  answer when searching for how to wash a swimsuit Quick Answers to the question how to wash a swimsuit A block that highlights the request for a description of how to wash a swimsuit.

A quick answer to the question

On the page this snippet looks like this Article snippet from Quick Answers to the request for how to wash a swimsuit Article Snippets Add Relat Relat Questions Once a page receives featur snippets it is more likely to receive featur snippets for other relevant search queries. So it is better to add some relat questions to understand the context. This South Korea Phone Number List way you can potentially get answers to a few questions quickly. Using quick replies to images almost always contains one or more images. Complete tags will help search bots understand what is on the page.

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Quick Answer List in Article

Include lists and tables in the materials. The easier you make the content for you to create, the more likely it is to get you a spot in the answer box. Include a number or bullet list that provides key points or a summary of the article. For example view a block containing the answer to query how to clean windows Request highlight instructions Turkey Phone Number for how to clean windows  how to clean windows has a list of highlight descriptions in the link text Google has extract.The list in the article contains a list that clearly and concisely states your answer in a highlight description. Different types of content appear differently in quick replies. The paragraph snippet highlight description is words or approximately characters long. If exce the text will be truncat and end with an ellipsis.

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