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Prict user behavior Theand earns.  bas on the reports you view. Integrate directly with mia platforms to stimulate campaigns on websites Developers understand that online commerce has expand beyond websites and user journeys have become longer and more complex. Integrate with other products such as Audiences to use. Three levels of user identification instead of device and browser so data is not duplicat or lost. How to Use Assess Traffic Quality Metrics guide Metric analysis relat to website traffic assessment.

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Research to make your website more relevant and get more customers or ad views. Quality traffic is the main resource for your online business. br the greatest profits. We’ll tell you how to get them. How to measure the quality of your organic Belgium Phone Number List traffic How to use to improve your metrics Bounce rate of pages per session. The conversion metric conversion rate form submits the achievement of other goals. Relevance Metrics Bounce Rate User Geography New and Return Visitors. Engagement Metrics Time on Site Time on Site.

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The time a user spends on a website page.  the user open the tab because that’s how it’s calculat. Consider a user’s active session. But measur time on site and the number of pages per session is more effective. Target Hypothesis Example Users who spend an average of four minutes on your site and view at least two pages per session are likely Canada Phone Number to be interest in your content. How to find this metric Click Audience Overview in the left panel At the bottom click Average Session Duration in the Overview section. How to find out the time on a website in Google Analytics Average session duration There is no clear indication of time on the website which should be consider as standard.

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