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Example of micro tags Header Title Page in action is a code snippet us the necessary tags for this tag. Experiments page about extend snippets on the blog article. Here is the part of the code with the markup Let’s take a closer look at the link to the image content¬† the page title in the preview when publish on social networks. In this example an article URL page tells you everyth you ne to know about rich snippets. Research and tips to help attract more users from your results. A description of the page content. Displays that you can configure individually.

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Then you ne to add the tag card type in the code in this case. This means that the link preview will have a large image with the title and description underneath it.¬† Content description. Link to image. and image size. These tags are optional but allow for Italy Phone Number List quick determination of the image’s dimensions. The account of the website owner. There are many services available for us plugins that are us to automatically create code for a specific page and services that are us to check the correctness of the fill. Automatically generate markup code You can use automatic code creation. Fill in the fields with the link and requir text and then copy the complet code to paste on the website.

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Generator service for websites

Example of how the Open Graph Markup works You can add additional information Site Name Page Language Video. And add article metadata author publish time category tags. Create Micro Tag Service itor If you ne micro data you can also Malaysia Phone Number add tags to it. As a result you will receive the code that nes to be add to the page. Create micro-marks for preview on social networks Code ready Open Graph Image Generator This is another free tool that allows you to generate images with title description and logo.

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