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The content you use should depend entirely on what your goals are and who you’re trying to reach. Think about all the guides, customer reviews, case studies, product videos, special offers, and testimonials you already have. Next consider whether you can use these for different segments. Or change a few details or examples to make them more relevant. For example, the design elements you used in a guide could be used in another related asset, like a blog post or email. When the visuals are consistent across touchpoints, it empowers your campaigns to work together in harmony.

Target audience at any stage

There’s no one answer to knowing what offer to deliver and when, so here’s a quick guide for understanding. How to reach your audience Costa-Rica Mobile Database depending on which stage of the buying journey they are in. Sorting and analyzing your existing content can help you discover opportunities to use and tailor that content more effectively. Without a clear understanding of what you already have, you could be missing out on opportunities to reach potential customers with the exact content that they’re looking for. Step map out your content on a campaign matrix.

Costa-Rica Mobile Database

A campaign matrix is a tool

Marketers generate ideas for the most engaging content and campaign types for their audiences. It helps to map out your content by segment and journey stage and how you will meet each segment’s needs. To effectively map out your content, consider which Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List content you will deliver to each of your audience segments at each stage of the customer journey. B B and B C stages are different, so we came up with a few examples of what type of content will resonate with your. Make your web personalization more effective, and generate revenue. Download the full guide to see campaign matrix examples. If you have multiple assets that could fit a certain segment and stage, don’t overthink it test them all to determine which is most effective.

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