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Extend snippets can be call one of the rich results options. Featur snippet with an image gallery What information is shown in a rich snippet Additional content depends on the page markup type. What can be includ in an extend snippet Rating Price Reviews List Additional links Questions Answers Emojis Pictures Breadcrumbs images. Why You Ne Rich Snippets The main purpose of rich snippets is to attract more traffic to your website. This is affect by two factors.

Users will be attract to your details

Search robots will receive more information to determine the relevance of the page and be more likely to display such a page in the results.and details, thereby increasing click-through rates. In addition, the more detail the page description in the search results, the more target the conversion will be and the fewer bounces will occur. Rich snippets Switzerland Phone Number List themselves are not a ranking factor but click-through rate is. Studying rich snippets is not a new phenomenon. Website owners are trying to put them on as many pages as possible so their effects have been studi for a long time. Milestone analyz more than 10,000 searches and found that users spent a lot of time clicking on rich results while organic results only had a click-through rate.

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Pages reach top results

Different types of rich mia search results get different clicks, some as high as some, but in any case, they get more clicks than ordinary blue links.  in 2017 show that the top search results had at least one rich snippet. We then analyz the previous results and calculat the ratings for the types of information most commonly found in rich snippets. price. Frequently Uk Phone Number Ask Questions. Explain how. What’s worth noting here is that not only because of rich snippets but mostly because they were well optimiz in the first place. The main thing to know about how to create rich snippets for website pages is that there is no guarante way to get a featur snippet. But you can try it.

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