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The So why take the time to do it What can it do for your business In this section Ill answer those questions by covering some of the benefits of content marketing. People Hate Ads OK that might be putting it a little strongly but more and more people are using adblocking software million people with a annual growth rate. And even of those people who arent actively blocking ads many are simply tuning them outthe average clickthrough rate of banner ads is just . and about half of clicks on mobile ads are.

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While these stats are for online ads dont think that print or TV are doing much better. People especially young people are increasingly tuning out Russia WhatsApp Number List traditional ads. They want useful information which is exactly what content marketing aims to provide. Your Fans Become Your Advertisers If you produce stuff that strikes a chord with your readers or viewers theyll share it with their friends giving you much broader reach for no extra investment. In rare cases a post or video may go viral reaching huge numbers of people that would cost a fortune to market to via traditional advertising.

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Your posts its still a tremendously effective way to reach new customers. Why Because when people see your content theyre seeing that its Thailand Telegram Number List been recommend by someone they trust or respectperhaps a friend or family memberand that gives you a powerful headstart. Even if the recommendation is just from someone they follow on Twitter but dont really know its still a connection that gives you an advantage over just being discover out of the blue. Advertisement People Love Free Stuff Who doesnt love a freebie Thats particularly true online. In the early days of the web pretty much everything was freethe internet was built to facilitate the free flow of information These.

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